Husky Links

What is Husky Links?

Husky Links are a group of supportive staff and faculty from across campus who have volunteered a few minutes each week to individually connect with a small group of students, some of whom may be still housed in the University’s residence halls.  Using email, phone, video-conferencing, and other appropriate methods, Husky Links will contact their students once or twice a week to check in with them, see how they’re doing, perhaps learn more about them, share a little about themselves and ensure that their students are feeling OK and  aren’t in need of any additional services.  Additionally, Husky Links may invite their students to reach out and contact them in the event they need any assistance or just want to talk.


If you're a student and want a Husky Link mentor just click here!

Want to Volunteer to Help?

Staff and faculty across campus are invited to volunteer to be a Husky Link and check-in with students who may be living on/off campus alone and who might benefit by having a friendly and supportive member of the UConn community to talk to, ask questions to, and connect with during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Click here to volunteer.  And thanks.

Click here to provide feedback after your contacts with students.