Ice Skating General Rules

  • STAY OFF THE ICE outside of posted open skate hours.
  • You must be pre-registered to skate.
  • There may be a wait when arrive, dress appropriately and know you will be given time to skate.
  • Skate within your comfort zone and be mindful of your time on the rink so everyone can enjoy skating.
  • Organized practices and games are not currently allowed
  • No food or drink is allowed on the ice at any time.
  • Intoxicated individuals will not be permitted on the ice.
  • All skaters must be pre-registered with event confirmation in order to be on the ice and for every time they skate.
  • Do not walk on the ice with shoes, boots, etc. Salt on your boots and shoes will impact the ice conditions and safety of skaters.
  • Prohibited: Tag, pom, racing, "keep away" games, snowball throwing, and any activity that puts others at risk.

Skate At Your Own Risk

  • Skate at your own risk and user assumes all risk associated with ice skating on this ice rink.
  • Hockey helmets, ski helmets, or bike helmets are HIGHLY recommended for all skaters.
  • No games, no pucks, no sticks permitted on the ice.