Jonathan's Challenge

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What exactly is this Challenge?

Get rewarded for engaging with your UConn Community

Jonathan is inviting you to join in on the wide range of activities happening across the University. By opting into this challenge you can attend/participate in any of the JC identified events and begin gathering points for the challenge. These challenge points lead to rewards and gaining more points leads to greater rewards. Once you join, challenge points will be automatically tracked.
Gain your 1st Jonathan's Challenge point by joining the challenge today!

Simple Steps

  • Start the Challenge at anytime
  • Attend and participate in JC programs/events
  • Starts February 1st and runs for 8 weeks
  • Gain Points and Get Rewards ranging from gift cards & stickers to UConn promo items & more
  • Earn 30 or more points to conquer the challenge and receive t-shirt and prize pack
  • Follow the #JonathansChallenge hashtag and @TheUconnHusky Instagram


Make sure to fully complete the registration until you receive a confirmation

By agreeing to opt into this challenge you accept that your email address will be used for Jonathan's Challenge communication and tracking of participation.

Your name will be publicly included in the point totals on this page.

If at any point you would like to opt out of this challenge please email

30+ points is the goal of the challenge
30+ points is the goal of the challenge
2 points a week
2 points a week
1 event equals 1 point
1 event equals 1 point

What is the best way to earn points?

You can attend any of the events in the calendar below. They have been designated as part of the challenge. ALL events are equal to one challenge point whether virtual or in person. The group running the program will provide a method to verify attendance.

When are point totals updated?

Point Totals will be updated twice a week. Once on Monday evening so we can do our weekly electronic gift card drawing and once on Thursday evening to keep the list up to date.

What if I join late or miss a week?

There is no expectation for people to go to EVERY event and therefore you can join a little late or miss a week and should still have the capacity to reach the challenge goal of 30 points. If you join very late or miss a lot of opportunities you have the option to aim for the weekly drawings of gift cards but may not receive the JC goodie pack if you miss the total of 30 points.

How do I complete the challenge?

To conquer the challenge participate in 30 or more events from the Jonathan's Challenge calendar over the 8 weeks of the challenge.

What rewards can be achieved in the challenge?

  • 30+ points gets you Jonathan's Challenge Finisher T-Shirt and prize pack + an opportunity to win one of the $100 Amazon Gift Cards
  • Earn 2+ points in a week and join the pool for the weekly e-gift card drawings
  • Each JC event = 1 JC Point

How many points can I earn each week?

Each event on the calendar is worth 1 point for participating in the experience. We encourage you to go outside your comfort zone and try new things. You can earn as main points as there are events on the calendar for each week, just make sure to balance your academics too!

Upcoming Challenge Events

  1. Rock Wars Bouldering Competition Rock Wars Bouldering Competition12:00am 3/2
  2. 50/50 50/507:00am 3/2
  3. Connection Corner Connection Corner12:00pm 3/2
  4. DropIn: Help I Need Somebody DropIn: Help I Need Somebody2:00pm 3/2
  5. Goosebumps Artist Tim Jacobs Goosebumps Artist Tim Jacobs2:00pm 3/2
  6. Intramural Cornhole Singles/Doubles Intramural Cornhole Singles/Doubles5:00pm 3/2
  7. Take A Take A "Whittle" Break6:00pm 3/2
  8. Rock Wars Bouldering Competition Rock Wars Bouldering Competition12:00am 3/3
  9. Test Taking Strategies Test Taking Strategies 1:00pm 3/3
  10. Intramural Cornhole Singles/Doubles Intramural Cornhole Singles/Doubles5:00pm 3/3
Jonathan's Challenge Points Earned Board
30 Points to Conquer the Challenge
TO SEARCH - Use Last Name
command + F
Use your devices "Find on Page" process & search using NetID
Points will be updated twice each week, once on Monday & once on Thursday. Points may not be fully up to date when you check it at this time

Weekly Gift Cards

Week 3 Drawing - 25 Starbucks Gift Cards @ $10
gift cards
Don't forget to tag #jonathanschallenge when posting on social media!

Any questions please reach out to

Resources for those Hosting Activities

Do you have an event for the Jonathan's Challenge?

  • Must be open to all UConn Students
  • Event must take place between February 1st - March 28th
  • Tracking of attendance is necessary
  • Established point of contact for event
  • Submitted two weeks or more before event date
  • Must designate if in-person, virtual, or hybrid

Events submitted are not guaranteed to be added to the JC calendar.,

Easiest way to get an event quickly reviewed and added to the calendar is to crosslist "Jonathan's Calendar" through and it is also encouraged to crosslist with "uKindness"

It’s officially the second half of the #jonathanschallenge ! Make sure that you are registered so that you can earn points for each event! #uconn #uconnhuskies #uconnnation ...

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Have you started earning points with #JonathansChallenge yet? Do you want to earn gift cards and other rewards? It's easy to do and who doesn't like to win prizes for attending events (virtual and in-person)? or link in bio. ...

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Our upcoming Skillshare Sessions are filling quickly! Don’t forget that participation earns points towards #JonathansChallenge so be sure to register today! #InspireUConn #SuccessStartsHere #MakeUConn
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I’m scoring points in the #jonathanschallenge , are you?? Make sure to sign up today at #uconn #uconnhuskies #uconnnation ...

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Did you know that the UConn Podcast Symposium is an Honors event as well as a part of #jonathanschallenge? Sign up if you still haven’t! ...

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#JonathansChallenge: Earn points and prizes for participating in university wide events.

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