Staying Healthy

Student Health and Wellness (SHaW) Services

We’re here for you!  SHaW’s Medical Care, Mental Health, Pharmacy, and Health Promotion teams have changed how they deliver services so that you can continue to be well, feel well, and do well:

  • Medical Care: (860) 486-4700
    • Our health providers are delivering services primarily through telehealth (online) and the phone. Please call the above number to access services.
    • The Nurse Advice line is available 24/7 at the same number above.
    • For detailed information, visit
  • Mental Health: (860) 486-4705
    • SHaW Mental Health is continuing to provide a range of services through the modified year
    • See for more information and scheduling options
    • For resources to manage mental health during a pandemic, visit . If you are looking for spaces to breathe, to maintain your wellness, and to connect with fellow students, please join us for the following online programs and services:
      • Meditation Mondays: 4p Eastern every Monday for a guided meditation
      • Tools for Easing COVID-19 Related Anxiety: This is a 3-part video series that draws from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). It covers topics including components of anxiety, how COVID-19 may impact anxiety, and an introduction to CBT (Part 1); cognitive skills that help decrease anxiety (Part 2); and behavioral skills to ease anxiety and improve wellbeing (Part 3). These skills can be helpful in navigating the challenges and uncertainty associated with COVID-19.
      • F.A.C.E. C.O.V.I.D.: COVID-19 has generated significant difficulty across all domains of life—including mental health—and contributes to emotions like worry, grief, loneliness, and sadness. This F.A.C.E C.O.V.I.D. handout uses an acronym to provide a resource to those who may be struggling with the mental and emotional aspects of COVID-19’s effects, including helpful written content with links to meditations and recommended practices. Consider this a great introduction to some new perspectives and practices you can use to enhance your mental response to COVID-19 and to boost your resilience!
  • Pharmacy: (860) 486-0736
    • Our Pharmacy is delivering curbside service only
    • Call the above number to fill a prescription and/or order over the counter medications
    • For detailed information, visit:
  • UConn Recovery Community (URC)
    • The UConn Recovery Community continues to provide support to the UConn Community through our virtual meetings, which include All Recovery Meetings and Friends, Family, and Allies Meetings. Please see descriptions of our virtual meetings below. We welcome individuals who have questions to contact us. For inquiries, please contact
    • All Recovery Meetings
      Open to ALL UConn students who are in recovery or seeking recovery from alcohol and other drugs. Meetings are discussion based and explore different topics of recovery each week. For the link to join, please visit
    • Friends, Family, and Allies Meetings
      Does someone in your life have an addiction or substance use disorder? Have you become an Ally to students in recovery? Meetings provide support for individuals who know someone with an addiction or substance use disorder. For the link to join, please visit
  • SHaW’s COVID FAQ page:
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    • Stamford Rec Center will be closed in the fall
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